Walk & Wag

Practice a Structured Walk

When walking your dog, I find it's best to walk with your dog in a structured manner, instead of having your dog pull you to say hi to every dog, and smell every tree. You should decide the pace of your walk and when your dog gets to go potty or have a sniff,

While walking your dog keep them on one side of you at your heel and release them from time to time to go sniff and smell where it is appropriate, Your dog can have as much time to go sniff and smell and explore as you like. But when it's time to go, your dog needs to understand to walk with you by your side. Over time this will make walk far more enjoyable for you both and in turn have longer walks.

Here is Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue Alumni Hank practicing the "Heel with me" exercise.

Here is some of the work we are doing with Miss Nala while she is staying in our "Train Away" program. 

Heel with me: 

To teach your dog to pay attention to you by looking where you are we practice right turns with the “Heel" cue. Walk at your natural pace and be prepared to turn right turn 180º.

Right before you flip and turn 180º say “Heel”. If your dog turns with you great, you can use verbal praise or mark and reward with a tasty treat, if your dog does not turn with you, keep walking and let the leash get to the end, he will realize you are not there and hit the end of the leash, turn and walk to you. Keep practicing, repetition is key. The better this gets you can also practice changing the speed/pace on your walk. Always start in an area with the least amount of distractions and enough space. 

Puppies first steps

With your dog on leash on your side take a piece of food or a tasty treat in your palm covered by your thumb, pressed against his nose/mouth as he tries to eat it, lure your dog forward and take 3 steps and then mark with a the Clicker or “Yes” and give your dog the food. Keep practicing this until you can take more steps and longer distances. When you stop we will work on teaching him to sit too.

Loose leash walking with Attention

Start the walk with your dog in a sit on your left side. Show your dog a treat and get their attention, this will become "Look" you can say his name as well and once you have him attention say "Let's Go". Take a few steps and stop and have him sit. Repeat this and take a few more steps gradually increasing the distance. When your dog's paying attention to you Mark with a "Yes" and or a Click" and reward with a treat. Continue your walk and give your dog plenty of praise as your dog is paying attention to you. Vary your speed and change directions. If your dog starts pulling stop. When he stops and comes back to you mark and reward. If your dog continues to pull, change directions.

While walking your dog keep him on one side of you at your heel and release them to go sniff and smell when you say so. Sniff time is a reward, so make sure you are controlling it.

Giving Space - Bubble Out:

When walking your dog and you see an dog walking towards you, stay calm and as you approach and you have space, "bubble out” by veering away from that dogs path. By doing this your letting your dogunderstand that they are not meeting or entering into him personal space. This can help give your dog more faith in you as him handler to advocate for him. 

Here is the use of space video I mentioned from Tyler Muto's Workshop: Giving Karma Space

Here is a video Helping Henry around Dogs