Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program at Starmark Academy 2014
This 12-week course of instruction prepares students for advanced training principles including behavior and obedience. Students will learn the skills of working with basic and advanced obedience dogs, basic and advanced behavior problems, agility, advanced clicker training, Kennel Management, Police K-9 and Protection, Scent Discrimination, Search and Rescue, and Assistance Dogs for the Handicapped. Upon completion of this program, students will receive the certificate of Canine Training and Behavior Specialist and will be able to conduct private lessons, group lessons, and in-kennel training. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on training students will learn training theory and techniques.


Workshops and Seminars

Advanced Dog Socialization by Chad Mackin, 2015

Intermediate e-collar workshop by Martin Deeley, 2015

Faith In Handler, by Jay Jack, 2015

Pitbull 101, Tug, Conditioned Relaxation and Leash handling by Jay Jack, 2015

Training for the Family Dog: Foundations for Obedience & Behavior, by Sarah Fulcher, 2015

K9 Problem Solving Workshop, by Tyler Muto, 2016

Advanced Dog Socialization for Difficult Dogs, by Chad Mackin 2016

Problem Solving for Problem Behavior Workshop by Sarah Fulcher, 2016

Relationship Based Behavior Modification by Nelson Hodges, 2016

3D Workshop Dealing with Difficult Dogs, Burton Snowboards Fundraiser by Heather Beck, 2016

3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs featuring Martin Deeley by Heather Beck, 2017

An Intro to large and small field Socialization with Chad Mackin & Jason Vasconi, 2017

Group Classes, by Chad Mackin, 2017

Mastering the Remote Collar With Tyler Muto, 2018

Biology of Dog Behavior by Chad Mackin, 2018

Large Field Dog Socialization Lifesaver Seminar by Jason Vasconi, 2018

Dog Language and Applications Workshop by Phyllis Smuland, 2018

8 day Shadow Program with Jason Vasconi of Transform My Dog, 2019

Fearful / Feral Dog Workshop with Nelson Hodges, 2019


Training Conferences

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference, 2014

International Association of Canine Professionals Conference, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018