I believe in always training the dog that is in front of me, and helping you to understand how, like people, no two dogs are the same. In order to focus on your individual dog and your specific goals, I break down the process into three parts:


Bark is the problem we want to solve. Whether it's jumping, pulling on the leash, not coming when called, separation anxiety, aggression, or incessant barking, we start by finding your dog's motivation.


Train is how we fix the communication gap between you and your dog. Most issues can be resolved with positive, motivational training and behavior modification. With the right timing, consistency, and tools, getting everyone on the same page can be easier than you think.


Love is what we all want to give our dogs, but there has to be balance. Through physical and mental exercise, communication and building a reward history of good behavior, we can help you develop a healthy relationship with your dog.

Let me show you and your dog what Bark, Train, & Love is all about, get started here.