Basic Obediece

Here is a training video of Scarlett, one of my amazing Rescue dogs I trained in Texas. This can show where you all can achieve.

"Sit" cue 

Guide your dog into a sit with a treat placed right in front of your dog's nose. Take the treat and lure it behind your dog's head like it's a magnet or a string attached to his nose and guide it behind your dog's head.  As soon as your dog's butt hits the floor, mark with a verbal “Yes” or clicker and give your dog the treat in your hand.

Start raising your hand upwards slowly like I showed you your dog should start sitting with just the hand signal and start saying "Sit" as well. Then mark and reward when your dog's butt hits the ground and reward with a tasty treat.

"Down" Cue

Start with your dog in a sit, by either luring or telling him. Then wait a few seconds. Have tasty treat firmly between your fingers so that Hugo can smell it and lick it but not eat it. Put the treat right in front of Hugo’s nose. Then slowly move it straight down toward the floor, between her front legs. As Hugo’s nose follows the treat, just like a magnet, Hugo's head will bend all the way down to the floor. When the treat is on the floor between Hugo's paws, start to move it away from him, like you’re drawing a line along the floor. (The entire luring motion forms an ”L" shape.) To continue to follow the treat, Hugo will probably ease himself into the Down position. The instant his elbows touch the floor, say “Yes!”(if you have your clicker click) and immediately let him eat the treat from your fingers. 

Work your down while you are hanging out or watching TV. You will gradually extend the length of time that they stay in the command.

Sit at a bench outside and work your dogs in their down command. Also practice her Down Stay when you are going to the kitchen, having her stay outside.


Adding Distance to a Cue:

When your dog is reliably staying in one position such as “Sit”, “Down” or “ Place”  start adding some distance with a one small step away.  Repeat the Cue before you step away. After you complete the step Mark and with a “Click” or a verbal “Yes”, return to your dog and Reward with a tasty treat. Repeat this with larger distances, remember baby steps to success. Pay attention to when the distance is too far and your dog breaks the position, go back to the distance your dog succeed in, repeat and end the session at that distance.  Always end on a good note.