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For all new students please schedule the best time for our Behavior Consultation and Training Session with you and everyone in your home that will be involved in your dog's daily life.

**All payments can be made with Credit Card below or via Cash, Check or Venmo when we meet.

Behavior Consultation and Training Session

We start with a behavior consultation and training session at your home, after you have filled out the Application for Training, where together I can assess your needs better and create training goals. The behavior consultation and training session last around 2 hours. We will discuss the best program at the end of our session.

During this session I help close the communication gap between you and your dog by explaining how dogs learn, our marker and communication system, how we stop unwanted behaviors, how to better understand what your dog’s body language is saying, as well as talk about the pros and cons of dog parks, various dog foods, crates, meeting other dogs on leash and of course answer any questions you might have. We then focus on training techniques to address a few of the main behaviors you are struggling with. 


 — After the Behavior Consultation and Training Session —

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Train At Home Programs
from 495.00

Train At Home Programs | 60-90 mins.
After our behavior consultation and training session, we continue your personalized dog training program. I will come to your home, or we'll meet at a park where I'll give you the tools to help you and your dog live better lives together.

The best program will be determined after our behavior consultation and training session.

Program Prices are:
3 session program: $495*
4 session program: $655*
6 session program: $985*
8 session program: $1295*

Train At Home:

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