Group Classes

Walk & Wag

Is walking your dog a challenge filled with zigzags, stop-and-gos and your dog walking you? Learn how to take control so your pup is focused on you, follows your lead with proper heeling, sitting when you stop and other commands that will make each walk around town more enjoyable for you both. 

The Walk & Wag class is ongoing pay per class.

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Puppy Pre- School

Though I don’t agree you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I truly believe in the benefit in teaching your puppy good habits from the beginning. From socialization to basic obedience skills, our Puppy Pre-School classes can help you learn how to communicate with your new young dog so you both are happiest.  

The Puppy Pre-School class is 5 weeks long.

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Urban Etiquette

Living in a big city surrounded by so many other people and pets makes it essential that your dog has basic obedience down. From sitting and laying to coming when called, loose leash walking and more, Our Urban Etiquette group classes are great way to both socialize and teach your dog some NYC canine etiquette.

The Urban Etiquette is 5 weeks long.

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Come On Cue

To have your dog come when called sounds like the simplest of tasks, but it takes practice and proper communication to be successful. In this class, you’ll learn how to get your best friend to come on command for safer, more fun walks, exercise and play.

The Come On Cue class is 5 weeks long.

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