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I offer personalized dog training solutions for a range of dog issues from puppy training and skills to everything from excessive barking, digging, chewing, anxiety and more. Whether your dog has dangerous habits like biting or aggression, or you simply want to learn the basics to groom a well-behaved pup, I can help.

Get started today, by filling out the Application for Training so I can better understand any behavior issues and your training needs.

Benefits of Membership:

After working with me, you are welcomed into the Canine Cohen Club that comes with many benefits:

Training Programs and Pricing

After you've filled out the Application for Training, we can set up your Behavior Consultation and Training session to help you achieve your hopes and goals for a more compatible relationship with your dog.

Behavior Consultation and Training Session

We start with a behavior consultation at your home, after you have filled out the Application for Training, where together I can assess your needs better and create training goals. Then, I’ll base the 90 minute lesson around the immediate and future training needs. The behavior consultation and training session last around 2 hours. We will discuss the best program at the end of our session.

During this session I help close the communication gap between you and your dog by explaining how dogs learn, our marker and communication system, how we stop unwanted behaviors, how to better understand what your dog's body language is saying, as well as talk about about the pros and cons of dog parks, dog food ingredients, crates, meeting other dogs on leash, and of course, answer any questions you might have.



Train At Home Programs
from 495.00

Train At Home Programs | 60-90 mins.
After our behavior consultation and training session, we continue your personalized dog training program. I will come to your home, or we'll meet at a park where I'll give you the tools to help you and your dog live better lives together.

The best program will be determined after our behavior consultation and training session.

Program Prices are:
3 session program: $495*
4 session program: $655*
6 session program: $985*
8 session program: $1295*

Train At Home:

Train Away Programs

Whether you’re going on a long vacation or just looking to give your dog focused individual attention to help resolve certain issues, "Train Away" is an opportunity for your dog to not only get the utmost care and attention while you’re away, but also live in a dog trainer’s home with specialized training throughout the day, every day for 2 to 4 weeks.

In addition to your dog being treated like one of our own, we’ll send you photos, videos and updates on your pup’s progress while you’re away.

Our 2 - 4 week "Train Away" programs are customized to your dog’s individual needs and includes a 90-120 mins "Wrap up” session, and a 90 min "Follow Up" session to help you learn what your dog has while you were away* 

Our 1 week "Train Away" refresher program is only offered to previous private training clients. This program helps fine tune previously taught behaviors. Adding some new behaviors can also be discussed. This includes a 90-120 mins "Wrap up" session.

Train Away Prices are:
1 week (7 days):  $1,145*
2 weeks (14 days):  $2,300*
3 weeks (21 days): $3,450*
4 weeks (28-30 days): $4,600*

Train Away:

*All appointments scheduled will require a 48 hour notice of cancellation by the owner or will otherwise be charged at full price.  Exceptions will be made for emergency / medical circumstances. All session booked in a package must be completed within 3 months of purchase, unless there is a emergency / medical circumstances. If the client chooses to terminate the training contract and discontinue training after 50% of training has been completed, NO refund will be issued.